Photo Guide

Personalised in-app “Photo Guide” is available to every location from one company. This allows all dealerships to follow:

  • What to shoot
  • How to shoot
  • What order to shoot in
  • How many images to shoot
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Brand Consistency

We specialize in helping car companies with multiple locations, get unified communications through their online images.

This is achieved by ensuring all photos are taken and edited in accordance with company’s latest brand guidelines.

Unlock Photo Guide
01 Unlock Photo Guide
After signing in, tap this box to have the Photo Guide unlocked for your account. Once we confirm the images you want to be added, we will create a custom Photo Guide on the platform and make it available for you in the mobile app.
Smart Capturing
02 Smart Capture
Our Smart Capture technology will guide you to shoot images with the correct angles, lighting and positioning.
Shooting Complete
03 Shooting Complete
Select the images you want to shoot from our Photo Guide and add more images, if needed. Press “Send” when you are finished and your images will be uploaded to our platform.

Do you want to set up your company Photo Guide?