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How to comment on my orders and images?

You can communicate with our production team anytime inside the platform. Using our commenting feature you can give feedback on orders and even on single images.

1. Log in to your account

2. Once you sign in, stay on the default platform_Orders page

3. Search for your order ID or name plat_searchbox

4. Click on ID, Name or View to see detailed order page

5. To comment on order, navigate to comments in order categories


6. Write the message in the field and click the Comment button


7. To comment on single image, click on icon comment_icon at the bottom panel of each card


8. You can use various formatting tools to write detailed comment on the single image


9. Click Save Feedback when you finish giving instructions.

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Unfortunately, commenting feature is not available yet on our mobile applications. You can only leave comments on orders and single images in our platform.

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