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How to use smart capture?

Shooting with camera is not available inside the web platform. Please use our mobile app to shoot car images.

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Autopix camera interface along with smart capture technology simplifies shooting experience by light detection, margins and gyroscope. It’s responsible for maintaining orientation and proper angles of your smartphone. Gyroscope measures angles and orientation that is used to trigger corrections – horizontally and vertically.

1. Tap Shoot or Photo Guide on app homescreen

2. Create new order based on your preferences

3. For the best shooting experience, rotate your device and use landscape orientation

Smart Capture
1. Light Detection
Feature detects too dark or too light environment for shooting
2. Align vehicle inside the white frame
Frame indicates safe space for shooting your vehicle
3. Rotate your phone horizontally to right position
Inner line will tilt, move closer to outer line and turn green
4. Tilt your phone vertically to right position
Semicircle will move closer to middle circle and turn green

Check video guide here:

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