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Scanning Car Registration or VIN number

Shooting with camera is not available inside the web platform. Please use our mobile app to shoot car images.

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When creating a new order, along with typing registration number manually, you can also easily scan VIN number of your car with IOS camera. To scan VIN number with your camera, you need iPhone with iOS 15 or later. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on android devices.

1. Tap Shoot or Photo Guide on app homescreen

2. On order creation screen tap on the 1st field twice for Scan Text feature to appear


3. Tap scan_text for camera to appear

4. Position iPhone so the text appears within the camera frame

5. Focus text within yellow frame

6. Tap insert when you’re finished with scanning the text and it’s generated correctly inside the field

note_icon Note: You can also touch and hold the text, then use the grab points to select specific text and perform the actions above.

note_icon Note: If Scan text button is not visible, go to your iPhone Settings settings_iOS > Camera, then turn on “Show Detected Text“.

Check video guide here:

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